Farming the Sea

The farming of oysters is environmentally restorative and holds promise for relieving pressure on land-based protein sources. St. Jude Farms has embraced this movement, and has begun farming Charleston Salts in the Ace Basin. These premium oysters are raised in cages at the top of the water column. The cages are flipped constantly; this creates cup shaped oysters that are free of fowling organisms. Additionally oysters farmed in this manner will be consistent in size, shape, and quality.

Wet Storage/Purging

All St. Jude Farm-produced oysters, clams, and mussels are finished in purging floats in the Ace Basin. This process allows sand and grit to be expelled and exposes the shellfish to the nutrient rich waters at the top of the water column. This “finishing touch” vastly improves the quality, flavor, and texture of the shellfish.