All SJF –produced oysters are either responsibly gathered or farmed in the ACE basin.  These oysters are hand selected, processed and finished in a purging float to rid them of silt, grit and sand before they are shipped. This process takes a little more time,  but the resulting oysters are simply the finest available anywhere.

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Our wild – caught Carolina shrimp are simply the tastiest, highest quality shrimp available. Our shrimp do not contain the antibiotics present in some imported farmed shrimp, and the taste and texture of our shrimp is vastly superior. Due to periodic availability issues, shrimp are sometimes sourced from Georgia or North Florida when Carolina shrimp are not available.


We scour the Southeast for the freshest fish available. While Carolina fleets provide most of our fish, we source fish from reputable vendors in Georgia, Virginia and North Florida as well to ensure a steady supply for our clients. We are always looking for the freshest wild- caught and responsibly farmed fish and constantly seek new opportunities for new supplier relationships and new species to utilize responsibly. We fully support the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program and many of our clients are partners in this program.

Sweetgrass Mussels

These bearded mussels are hand – gathered in the heart of the ACE Basin from the Sweetgrass that gives them their name. They are savory and have a firm texture akin to oysters. All Sweetgrass Mussels are finished in a purging float to remove sand and silt and to improve quality.

Combahee Clams

Combahee Clams are gathered with care from the sandy beds of the Ace basin. These popular bivalves have a sweet, buttery flavor and tender yet firm texture. All sizes of clams are available. Combahee Clams are finished in a purging float to remove sand and grit and to improve quality.

Specialty Products

St. Jude Farms carries specialty products in order to meet the needs of customers and to explore creative ways to utilize sustainable seafood products. Specialty products include stone crab claws, lightning whelk, blue crab products, octopus, squid, etc. These products are seasonal and/or supplies may be limited.