Seafood in Abundance: St. Jude Farms Gives Back

img_0004This is the time of year in which we gather the people around us that we love and share whatever we have to offer, be it gifts, food, music, companionship or help. It is also a time when those who have less than others may feel this lack most sharply.

We at St. Jude Farms believe that it is crucial and right to share one’s abundance with another who may not have enough, and to remind that person that they are not alone: we are all human beings, part of a huge extended family, and no one should need to suffer when someone else can do something to help them.

This year, St. Jude Farms made several donations for the holiday season. We offered what we currently have in high numbers: seafood. We feel that no one should be without a good, fresh meal, and we thought we could contribute to the surrounding community by offering them the best seafood to put on the table.

The majority of the seafood went to local low income housing facilities, including seven senior facilities and one family housing development. Also included in the drop-off was Jehovah Tabernacle Church, who helped to distribute the food to those who needed it.

img_0001Lamar Mowatt, the Humanities Foundation Director of Resident Services, helped to facilitate the donation process and said it was St. Jude Farms’ founder, Bob Doran, who had the idea. He recognized that as St. Jude Farms continue to grow, it was important to give back to the community. Lamar said the donation was a huge success.

“We were able to help so many people and every individual was extremely thankful,” said Mowatt, “Such a powerful experience to witness and be a part of!”

img_0002The donation amounted to 1,175 pounds of shrimp, 290 pounds of catfish and 1,425 pounds of sheepshead. St. Jude Farms is so pleased that so many will be able to enjoy fresh, healthy seafood this holiday season.

St. Jude Farms pledges to continue to be a steward for the community, and we recognize that none of this would be possible without our customers that make the choice to buy ethically, locally and sustainably by getting their seafood from us. Thanks to your purchases, we were able to offer so much to others who may have so little. Thank you for supporting us, and have a very happy holiday!